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ARTstor for Faculty

How to create & manage an Image Group

Create an Image Group

You must first select an image to save in order to create an image group. To select an image, click on the image, so it is highlighted in brown.  Next, right click on the image. A list of options will appear.  Scroll over “Save selected images to.” Another list of options will appear. Click on “New image group.”

Add images to an existing Image Group

Click on the image you want to save so that it is highlighted in brown. Then, right click to bring up the list of options.  Scroll over “Save selected images to” and this time, scroll over “Existing image group.” A new window containing all of your image groups will appear. Click on the desired image group.  Then click the orange “Save” button located on the bottom left of the window. A message in brown will scroll across the top of the ARTstor page that reads “The selected images were appended to the group.”

Manage Image Groups

To access your image groups, click on “Organize” on the ARTstor toolbar.  A list of options will appear. Click on “Open image group.” Your work folder, along with all of the image groups it contains, will appear. Simply click on the desired image group to highlight it, then click on the orange “Open” button, located on the bottom left of the window.

Once you are in your image group, you can rearrange or delete images from your group, export images to PowerPoint, or generate URLs.