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ARTstor for Faculty

How to search for an image in ARTstor

You can perform a basic search or an advanced search in ARTstor. The basic search is great for broad searches. However, if you are looking for something a bit more specific, the advanced search will probably be most helpful to you.

Basic Search

To perform a basic search, simply type your search term in the text box underneath the word Search on the ARTstor homepage and click the orange “Go” button.

Advanced Search

To perform an advanced search, click on either the orange text that reads “Advanced Search,” or go up to “Find” on the ARTstor toolbar, and scroll down to “Advanced Search.” You have several options to perform your search. Advanced search options include:

  • Keywords
  • Date ranges
  • Geography—Region or Country
  • Classification terms
  • Collection—ARTstor Collections, Institutional Collections, Hosted Collections

For example, to find only works by Vincent Van Gogh, go to Advanced Search and type “Van Gogh” in the search text box. Click on the box to the right that reads in any field, and change the search criteria to in Creator only, then click go. The results of the search will be works created by Van Gogh.

To find a specific work, let’s say, “The Starry Night,” type “Starry Night” in the search text box, and change the search criteria to in Title only.  Then click go. This will bring up any work in the ARTstor collection titled, “The Starry Night.” 

Similarly, to find “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, combine a creator and title search. To do this, type “Van Gogh” in the text box and change your search criteria to in Creator only.  Then, go down to the next text box and type “Starry Night.” Make sure the box on the left reads “and” (not “or”) and change the search criteria on the right to in Title only.  If you perform this particular search in ARTstor, you will receive 4 results for The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.