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ARTstor for Faculty

How to create and manage Folders


All instructors should start out with “My Work Folder.” CCAD Instructors can create multiple folders with different levels of access (private, password-protected, or public.) Within your folders, you can create image groups.

Password Protected Folders

Instructor level users can create password protected folders and Student Work Folders. 

Student Work Folders

If an instructor chooses to issue student work folders, these folders will automatically appear in students’ accounts after they unlock or register to the password-protected folder. The student folder will have the same title as the password-protected folder, followed by the student’s initials in parentheses. Both student and instructor can view and edit this folder. This folder also has an expiration date, after which time the student can no longer access the folder.

Create a Password Protected Folder

Click “Share” on the ARTstor toolbar. Scroll down and click on “Create Folder.” Name your folder (avoid symbols and diacritics). Click “Next.”  You will be prompted to select who can see this folder. Click “Selected users with Password.” Then create a password for your folder with a minimum of 7 characters. Click “Next.” Select who can edit the folder. You can set this to private or selected users. Click “Next.” You will then be asked if you would like to enable student work folders. Click “No” and then click “Submit” to create a password-protected folder without creating student work folders.

After creating the password-protected folder, you may add images to the folder, or move whole image groups to the password protected folder.

Create Student Work Folders

Follow the same directions as above. When you are asked if you would like to enable student work folders, click “Yes” and set an expiration date for student access. Click “Next.” A message will appear that reads “This folder was created successfully.”

Unlock a Password Protected Folder

Log in to ARTstor. Click Find on the ARTstor toolbar. Scroll down and click on “Unlock password-protected folder.” Enter your name and then enter the password. Click “Submit.”