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ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB)

Short Answer: Yes, within the acceptable use policy.

Since most material on this site is licensed for online electronic distribution only, this means that users are restricted to printing pages for personal research use. If in doubt, or for further information, see this article on fair use.

For best printing results choose the “PDF” viewing option. Ten pages may be downloaded or printed at a time. This is generally sufficient for following a citation or extracting a quotation and follows HEB’s policy for fair-use rights and limitations.

OhioLINK E-Book Center (EBC)

Short answer: Yes, within the acceptable use policy

Books published by Springer provide a PDF for each chapter. This is the best version to print or save locally.

If no PDF is available: Select the section from the Table of Contents that contains the text you want to print, and click Print View in the navigation bar. Then open the File menu of your browser and select Print or Save.

EBC Acceptable Use Policies.

Oxford Digital Reference Shelf

Short answer: Maybe

You can print entries from Oxford Reference. To print any entries from Oxford Reference, simply use the Printer icon in the toolbar at the top of the entry. A preview window will appear with the correctly formatted pages, minus the site navigation components. Please note that printing restrictions apply – see below for guidelines on legal printing and copyright.

You can save entries from Oxford Reference by clicking on the Save icon option at the top of the entry page. Please note that Copyright restrictions apply.

You are restricted by Copyright to the amount of information that you can print or download. It is very important that you read the Legal Notice, which includes information on printing and saving, before printing or downloading anything from Oxford Reference.

Wiley Online Library

Short answer: YES!

Wiley Online Library allows users to read, download, or print by the chapter. There are no DRM (digital rights management) restrictions on downloads and printing.

Click HERE for help using Wiley Online Library.

O'Reilly Safari

Short answer: It's not encouraged by the provider.

You can print contents, usually chapters, by clicking CTRL+ P, but the format will be somewhat awkward.

You can save chapters and books in your Playlist for later by clicking on this icon: 

O'Reilly also has phone apps you can download, which allows for offline reading and caching.