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Library FAQs

How to use the CCAD Packard Library and the resources we provide.

What's at the Library?


DVDs and Blu-rays

Magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals

Drawing aids

A real skeleton! (His name is Smitty)

1 PC and 8 Macs with Wacom tablets and scanners

Wacom styluses

2 black and white printers (free)

1 color copier (25¢ per copy)

2 light tables



Mobile Printing

You can print from your personal laptop computers to the CCAD Library printers!

To print something, simply follow these easy steps:

1.      Make sure that you are connected to our campus Wi-Fi

2.      Open a web browser and go to the CCAD Mobile Printing website, 

3.      Login with your CCAD email username (everything before the @ in your email address) and password

4.      Click ‘Submit a Job’

5.      Choose the printer to which you wish to print.  You can find the name on the printer itself; match this with the portion after the slash in the web print interface

6.      Enter the number of copies

7.      Upload your file.  Note that you can only print PDF files.  Many applications support exporting to the PDF format, or you can also use “print-to-PDF” services in order to convert any printable document, image, webpage, etc. to a PDF.  If you need help creating a PDF, login to the Mobile Printing website and click the link for “How To Save A PDF” on the left side of the window.

That’s it!  If you have any problems, just click on ‘Report A Problem’ in the sidebar and you’ll be taken to the IT HelpDesk website where you can submit a ticket.  You can also call the HelpDesk at 222-6174 or visit them in Kinney Hall 220.