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How to Do Library Research

How do I find articles?

Because publishers and other entities own the information that they publish in magazines & newspapers, searching for articles can be confusing and frustrating. Some magazines will be indexed by one database provider, but not another. Some articles will be have their full-text online, while some only give you the citation, and you have to find the actual magazine to read the article. Sometimes publishers place an 'embargo' on the newest issues of their magazines, so you have to wait to read them online. Persistence and a sound strategy help! We hope the information provided below will help you in your search, and you can always contact us for help at

Searching the Big 3: EBSCO, ProQuest, & JSTOR

Databases and Indexes

Here are some of our more popular databases. For a complete list, go to our A-to-Z page.

What is Peer Review?