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Online Teaching Guide for Faculty

Using LinkedIn Learning

With LinkedIn Learning instructors can create custom groups and assign video tutorials for students to watch. Contact the library at if you need instructor status (this will let you customize content).

How to Set Up a New Account

You must be an currently enrolled CCAD student, faculty, or staff member to access LinkedIn Learning. Due to contractual agreements, alumni do not have access to this resource.

If you are a first-time user, click on

Enter your CCAD email address and click "Verify email".













You will receive an email with an activation link.

















Click on "Accept your invite"  

That's it! You're in!

Problems? Still can't get in? Email us at

How to access LinkedIn Learning

Linking to a Specific Course

You can email or post a link to a specific course from LinkedIn Learning by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your students have an active account to LinkedIn Learning.
  2. Navigate to the video or course you want to share a link for.
  3. In the address bar at the top of your browser, copy the full link.
  4. Paste the link where you would like to insert it and add &auth=true to the end of the url without any spaces.

Following these steps mean that the students will be prompted to log-in when they click the link and then taken directly to the course or video. If you use a link without the &auth=true, it will appear students need to pay to access the content.

Learning Path--Getting Started with LinkedIn Learning as an Instructor